Jan 12, 2010


I am so ready for change. My life has changed so much already....but I am ready to move back East. I can't wait. I am sure it will be a little lonely at times. And I will miss my family so much. MOM and AUDGE!! xo So, since my life is changing in so many ways.....like moving in with the in laws....I actually love it. My knew job and now moving to Connecticut. I decided I am going to cut my hair! I will post pic's soon.....well I mean when My absolutely fantastic Brother does it. {Friday} I am hoping it will turn out like my gal pal Gwen's hair. My bangs aren't quite as long as hers, however they're getting there. I think it will still turn out cute.
Stay tuned..I am really excited! And if any one of you thinks you can talk me out of it.....you can't, I am sold! I m finally realizing what I really like, No bangs! No layers! Till then.....xoxo