Jun 28, 2011

walking, 9 months, and 21 1/2 weeks....

to my two friends that read my blog, i won't make this blog post last as long as it sounds. i will let the pictures do most of the talking.

almost every morning, 4 to 5 days a week, my friend, Amy and I, {sometimes ashley} walk 3 miles or more a day with our kiddo's. I look forward to it in the morning. when we don't go cause of rain...i get thrown off from my day. dean enjoys the ride also. he usually falls asleep.

dean is now 9 months and one week. boy, does time fly. He is my little buddy and wouldn't trade being his mama for anything. he now has 8 big teeth. he crawls {fast} and gets into everything. he is trying hard to walk against the couch but ends up falling. we got him a walker last week...he likes it. we walk around with him to show him how it works. he loves the pool. he says mama, dada, ba, mom, na, and a bunch of things i think is so cute to hear. he eats big people food, loves to cuddle, and tugs at my pant legs when he wants some love. he also gives great kisses. when i ask for a kiss he pulls my face toward his open mouth and gives me a wet one. i love it!

and as for the 21 1/2 may i add...weeks. i am thrilled! trying to take your own belly shot is hard to do!


Jun 16, 2011

the new place

we have transitioned from one small state...to a smaller state. We have liked Rhode Island so far. i am pretty much a single parent these days. only seeing my other half for about an 1 1/2 a day. i am being serious. it has been nice having friends close by. we met them last year at the start of the program. they live in the same complex as us. my days have been filled cleaning, organizing, walking, running errands, OH and BEING WITH MY LITTLE BUDDY. he is seriously my best little buddy. i love playing with him all day. trying to make him laugh. having him try new foods. if it weren't for my dean boy, i think i would feel so alone out here. this part of the program has been a bit different. hope it slows down. hope it definitely slows down before baby girl comes. and when she comes we won't have more than a year left! i am already counting down. the hub has been great though. all his hard work he puts in to one day provide for our little family. i love him for it. he is such an amazing person. this is such a random post. just wanted to jot a couple of things down that have been on my mind. what i really wanted to do is post some pictures of the new place...so here you go.....

Jun 8, 2011

Guess what..........

I am going to be a big brother! and I am going to have a little sister!! I will be older by 13 1/2 months. I am very excited for her to get here!! I really want a little buddy.......

Jun 5, 2011

Busy, busy, busy......

I cannot believe we already blew through a week of June. May flew by....I don't think I blogged the that whole month. We have been busy. We moved to Rhode Island the end of May and said goodbye to our Connecticut friends. My sister came to visit for a couple days to help me pack and clean. We had one week to move, unpack, and try to get a little fun in before Chris started up again. Chris has finished his didactic work at Central Connecticut State University and now works at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. He keeps very busy with being at the hospital and studying, and still manages to find time to ride his bike.

Dean is growing and changing everyday!! He now has 8 teeth. Says mama when he cries. Says dada, ra, ba, ooooo, hi, and a bunch of other babble that we adore. He is still army crawling, but is VERY close to the real thing. He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees. He can go from a lying position on his tummy to sitting. It is so cute to watch. He has started to climb up on things. He eats pretty much whatever I eat, minus a few things. We haven't been to the doctor yet but last time we checked weighed 24lbs!!!! Big boy. He wears 12-18 month clothing. We have taken him swimming and he absolutely loves the pool. He loves splashing around with the kids. I can't believe he is going to be 9 months in 2 weeks.

I am feeling better. We find out what we are having this week and are very excited about it! I have been staying busy with Dean on my hip. Trying to decorate, find my way around our new place and of course going to the pool.