Sep 29, 2010


I can't believe my little precious boy is 9 days old! he is so fun, so sweet, so cuddly and easy going. i am sure he gets annoyed with all my kisses!! he has brought so much joy into our lives. i have been so blessed to have this little sweet pea! i love being his mama. i can't get enough of his little face and his precious smile. he is such a good little eater and loves when daddy comes home to play with him. i love watching him grow. he is such a big boy already!!

my mom left was a sad day for me. i didn't think i could manage without her. but everyday we get a little done and things get much more easy. i love you mom and hope i can be the mom you are to my kids. YOU SERIOUSLY ARE THE BEST!!

this is how we get things done!

Sep 22, 2010

I am in love....

He is such an Angel. Heavenly Father has blessed
us so much!! He is so Precious!
We Love you!

Sep 19, 2010

2 Days over DUE!

This is my first pregnancy as you all know.....and to go over your the date your doctor gave you is the WORST! It's not that i hate being pregnant....I just want my precious little boy here!! I have been told many times this week that i look HUGE and have had people that live around me "when is that baby coming out", "you look like your going to pop", "oh you poor thing", "your having a boy, I can tell". It has all been fun...however I am ready to here other things like...."oh your little one is so cute", and "look what a precious baby". ya know stuff like that.
So for all of you that read my blog and check in on me.....I love you all and will definitely let you know when he arrives. Which will be for sure sometime Monday night to Tuesday morning. That's my when my doctor wants to induce me. Which I am okay with now....but really wanted him to come out on his own.
I guess we do still have a day and a half so.....maybe??
Thank you for all your texts and phone calls and emails! I love them all! I feel so blessed and loved to have you all in my life!

Sep 12, 2010

We will soon be three!

I was in the bathroom last night getting ready for bed.....i looked in the mirror and life is going to change and i am ready to be a mom! the hub and i have been married for 5 1/2 years. gone through nursing school and then through bachelor's school and now in the 2 semester of a masters program. we have gone on vacations...we made it on a cruise! we have had our happy times and our not so happy times.

we feel that we are ready to be parents! we want to take on the challenges that come with being parents. we just want those little rascals running around our house!

we are so anxious for little Dean's arrival. i think to myself with just 4 days away from my due i ready? do i have everything? am i prepared enough? am i going to be a good mom?

i read blogs of new mothers and long for the feelings they have towards their newborns. i get really happy and excited to have a little buddy with me all day long.

so little Dean....hope you make an appearance this week! your daddy and i are waiting to meet you! maybe your just waiting for grandma to be here....and that's okay too!


Sep 4, 2010

Twice this week....and a pregnancy update!

My friend Katie had the best bread recipe on her blog. i thought i would try it! And i did....twice! it is the easiest recipe and the tastiest bread! we love it! thanks Katie for sharing with us!
this week i went to the doctor. it was my 38 week appointment. he checked to see if i was dilated. No such luck! I am 50% effaced and little Dean's head is engaged!!! {which i am guessing is a good thing?????} i have dropped 3cm and have not gained anymore weight, which he said were both good things also!! Yeah!!
we are really excited to meet our precious boy!
no contractions as of late, i am ready to take them on though. i am just excited to meet him. i am sure as i have the contractions i will be thinking differently. ha ha
i have been jogging, more than walking.{hopefully it is doing something} i have tried Castor oil....which i do not recommend! i have another appointment on Wednesday....hopefully things will have changed. wish me luck!
have a great weekend and fabulous labor day!
i know we will!