Jul 12, 2011

Brimfield, MA

I died and gone to heaven! I love antiques! I have been cursed by my mother!
My Connecticut friends have been raving about the Antique show in Brimfield, Ma for months. And to me it did not disappoint!
I am horrible at bringing my camera to events...I so wish I did to show you all how cool this event was. I went with my cute friend Amy, that I have mentioned in the previous post.....my walking buddy. She was kind enough to have me drag her and her two kids around for an hour and a half. Now mind you...we hardly touched the place. It was huge! but it was also hot...like 95 and felt like 105+ humid! so our little ones...oh and my pregnant self couldn't be there all day. I can not wait to go again in September! I hope to be there a little longer....hopefully it won't be so hot. Here is what I was able to grab...before I ran out of money and space in the car. I am excited to add it to my additions to my apartment!