Aug 26, 2010

Boston and NY in one weekend??

YEP! call us crazy, but ya we did. on Saturday we drove 1 1/2 hours to Boston and did some site seeing.We took the trolley and toured the freedom trail. Saw the ocean, ate some Italian food and went to Mike's Pastry's. YUM!

Monday we got up early and took the train to the SMOKEY city! we dominated that CITY. we rode the subway, and the ferry. walked down 5Th Ave. We made the trek out to Central Park and of course ate at the Shake Shack!
and i thought that would help with getting my little guy out...... No such luck!
{i guess i will have a better idea when i go to the doctor today}
We had Chris's parents in town for the week and had so much fun hanging out with them!
we packed in a lot in 5 days and can't wait to see them again in 7 weeks!

Aug 15, 2010

this is me at 34 weeks

first pic 14 weeks

and now that i am almost 36 weeks, i feel even more big!

my pregnancy hasn't been too bad. i don't have a ton to complain about.

i have started to feel very tired. my right

ankle started to swell {though i think it's from walking around NYC in flip flops for 3 hours}.

My first picture i took around 14 weeks, i thought i was so big!
I laugh now, at 35 1/2 weeks i feel bigger than ever!

i am so excited for our little tyke to arrive! the closer my due
date is the more excited i get! as for now....whats a few more weeks
of a little discomfort??

Aug 12, 2010

summer fun!

Our friends from Utah came out to visit there Dad in Jersey and we just had to see them....

so we took the 2 1/2 hour trip to their town in Jersey and had some fun!

we rode the train into NYC and spent a night on the town. then Wednesday we went down to the shore....

thanks so much for the fun you guys!! see you again soon!!

Aug 1, 2010

the dresser.....

so my one of my amazing sisters came to visit for a couple of days.

i was excited to have her come and hang out with me. i was so excited in

fact i put her to work while she was here.....

i have had just one thing left to finish in my boys room....and that has been this

dresser. Kara was awesome and helped me paint it. We had a great time, and i think bonded while we painted. then we treated her to Max was a great day!

Miss you Kara.....come back soon!