Apr 28, 2010

my thoughts and half way post.....

i think a lot when i am at home making bread, butter and doing my chores.
so by writing my thoughts down today will help me feel a little better about how i have been feeling through my 2ND pregnancy. well i hope so.....
during the first part of my last pregnancy i was so excited and happy that i finally got pregnant. it was so fun being around so many cute pregnant women and it was such a fun new experience that i was going through. but then when i unexpectedly miscarried, my world kinda shattered for just a moment. it was hard but i felt that i had to stay tough and put my faith in the Lord.
i got pregnant so quickly after i almost didn't believe it. until i saw my little man at 14 weeks. it was so amazing. i know that heavenly father has a plan for the hub and i and the first pregnancy was just not the right time for us to start a family.
so i am 20 weeks tomorrow. i am so thrilled that i have made it this far. i know that's weird to say, but its hard not to think that i would be having my first baby in less than a month. i am so grateful for this pregnancy and everything about it. i think i am starting to feel my little man move and i am having the normal pregnancy symptoms. but in the back of my mind i still get worried. my doctor is great. he has me do extra tests, because of what happened the first time and i think that is what gives me a little anxiety. though, i know it's for the best. and he just doesn't want a lawsuit. i have my BIG ultra sound next week. doc is having me see a specialist and wants to do some in depth ultra sound. which i think will be good. but then it also makes me nervous.
anyways all in all i think this little post helped me. and its nice to just unload a bit every once and awhile.
On a more exciting thought, my bro {ev} and sis in law {tay} had their baby! Nixon James is such a doll!!!! i gush with little tears every time i see him {in pictures or on skYpE}. he is so precious.
i am so hormonal all the sudden. i wasn't in my first trimester.it's all the babies being born. my sis in law {kristEn} is due in 2 weeks!
i can't wait!
that's all for now.....

Apr 25, 2010

80's PARTY!!!!!!!!

we got invited to an 80' s party and we went all out. we hit up our local SAVERS for our AWESOME sweet attire. and we ROCKED it with pride. we had a blast. thanks to our friends for inviting us. check out these pic's they are PRICELESS.

and look at my man's STACH and STEPS.

Apr 23, 2010

Look what my baby boy got...

mY mom made the quilts and i couldn't help but buy these clothes! look at those shoes! thanks mama! xoxo

Apr 22, 2010

Boston and Bikes

we decided to take a day trip to Boston. it was so fun. we didn't take the big camera, however we fully regret it now. so we are taking it next time. the scenery is amazing!

we toured the city for 5 1/2 hrs.we were bushed by 5pm. there was a lot of ground to cover.

we checked out some grave sites, downtown, parks {FEN WAY, of course}, the harbor, and the food {which i think could have been better}.
it was a great day and we can't wait to check it out again.

today we went on a bike ride. like a 15 mile bike ride. that is a lot for me!
however it was such a great day to take the bikes out. and the path we went on was so rad! everything is green and blossoming, oh it's beautiful.

we hope to go again next week!

Apr 16, 2010

My homemade list....

i thought i would compile a list of what i have been making homemade. if you want the recipe's i will give them to you.

-laundry soap

-dishwasher soap

-fabric softener {haven't tried yet}

-peanut butter


-waffles {don't have to buy ego's anymore}

-butter {made out of heavy cream, cuts back since i bake now}


if you guys have recipes and make stuff that's not on my list. Please let me know.



i am so thrilled one of my little bro's came home yesterday from his mission. he was serving in Belgium.

love you aric!! you and audge come visit!

Apr 14, 2010

we got BIKES......

we went to old wethersfield today {est. in 1634} and rode our new bikes! We had such a good time. and the weather couldn't have been better.
we stopped at the Creamery, where two weeks ago i got an ice cream cone. [i fell in love with the little place!}
more exploring next week of course on our bikes.

Yeah for the EAST COAST!

Apr 13, 2010

I may never buy peanut butter again....

i did it! i made peanut butter, and the flavor is so fresh an good!
oh and it doesn't cost that much to make and it's easy to do. Yeah for homemade food!
here is the recipe...i found it online
4 cups of roasted peanuts
1 tsp of salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup canola oil

Apr 12, 2010

are we turning into old people??

today Chris and i went to a matinee. we then came home and took a nap. as we were turning down the comforter and folding it down so neatly. I started laughing.

"HUN, are we turning into old people? we saw an early movie, like at noon, we are going to take a nap, and then we are having an early dinner, like at 4:30. and we will probably go to bed by 8:30." He started laughing and said now that is something to blog about.

So i have. and now i have to giggle to myself cause i feel that we really are turning into old people!!!

My poor son. ha ha ha.

Apr 9, 2010

it was only a matter of time......

we have been here for 6 weeks now. it was only a matter of time until we would have to speak in our new ward. we are speaking this sunday on faith. i am grateful for the opportunity to speak. i am feed spiritually and am learning more about faith. it has been a good experience for us, so far, living on our own and relying on the Lord. we have made it a goal to pray and read the scriptures every night and i give an F.H.E. lesson every Monday night. We have noticed what these three small steps have made in our marriage already. we have better attitudes. we are more up lifted and we hardly ever argue.....i mean i can't remember when the last time was. we are trying NOW to make a habit of these things before our baby boy comes.

I am really excited for our progress.

but as for now....i am feeling a little this way about speaking in public!

Apr 4, 2010

something to blog about.....

i wanted to wish my sister, audrie a happy birthday!

i wanted to say that i am excited for aric to be home in 10 days! {though i won't be there. sniff, sniff}

i wanted to say good luck to tayli and marissa. they both are due in 3 weeks! {will be missing that too. sniff, sniff}

i wanted to reminisce about old times. {i love looking at old pics}

i wanted to say that i miss you, mom.

i wanted to tell this guy that i love him so much!

Apr 1, 2010

i was trying to be creative.....

i was browsing blogs the other day and i got some ideas for some projects. we have been working out at home and i have things that shake while we bounce around. it drives Chris crazy! so i tried to fix that problem.
i am really liking what i did!
i took a frame i had lying around, it had my bridal picture in it and i hate it. i took it out, found some old piano books that Chris wasn't using. cut some of the pages into 4 pieces. got my glue gun and glued them to the back. then i glued the D to the note paper.
i am happy with the results!