Oct 30, 2010

my babes......

I heart both of them!
Have a great weekend!

Oct 21, 2010

my little chub-a-lub

my little boy had his one month check up today. {though he will be 5 weeks on Monday.} he is a

big boy! he is 12lbs 2 oz and 22 and 3/4 inches. all in the 90Th percentile. when i used to here mothers say...my baby is such and such percent...i thought really? why do we care? But since i had my little man...i totally get it! when she told me he was in the 90Th percentile i started to beam!! i was such a proud mama!

on a side note....his belly button has not fallen off yet which raised some concern. and i am really hoping it falls off in the next 10 days...{before we go back to the doctors} cause if not...he may have to have it surgically removed! oh so not fun! pray for my little boy....

anyway....i have loved having him around he is my little buddy.

he met his grandma and grandpa Daniels for the first time last week! it was so fun to have them visit! we miss you guys already!


Oct 20, 2010

I love this face

this little face makes my day.....everyday.

i just love him!

Oct 17, 2010

what one month?

i seriously cannot believe my little babe is one month tomorrow! the time flies by so fast! he is so much fun. i am liking that he is more awake now and his little personality is coming out! he smiles constantly and love to be held and rocked. he loves story time and loves to watch his dad play the guitar and sing nursery rhymes. he likes to play pat a cake and is a great traveler. i am really liking that he falls asleep when i am out running errands. it is so nice!

he is such a big boy! i am excited to see how much he has gained on Thursday, he feels so heavy when i hold him now....i can't wait till he's like 6 months. ha ha

he is going to be such a tank -a -tank.

he is a good little eater...loves the nums. I am excited to see how he eats baby food.

I love being his mom and AM SO PROUD THAT HE is my baby boy!

oh and He SLEPT A SOLID 5 Hours last night!! Yeah!

Oct 7, 2010

2 week check up

I can't believe my little boy is 3 weeks on Monday! The time flies when your preoccupied with such a precious boy!

I love being his mama! I love that he cuddles with me. I love when I kiss his checks and he smiles so big! I love his little cry cause he is hungry and wants some numa nums. I have waited awhile to be a mama and I love being one. I am soaking it all in. Even our sleepless nights together and our days that we stay in our pj's all day, I just want to take it all in. I just can't help but think soon you will be walking and talking....oh it kinda makes me sad!

I took him to the doctor today. He weighs 10 lbs 11 oz. I was such a proud mom! He is growing and getting so big! I was a little nervous he wasn't getting enough food. I go again in a couple of weeks and I am excited to see his progress!
After I went to Target. I had a smile on my face the whole time. I have been wanting to be one of those women that have a car seat in their cart for so long. To start a new chapter in my life has been what I have been wanting, to be a mom. So far it has been very rewarding. Believe me...It hasn't all been roses. I have had bleeding body parts that I didn't know would bleed and hurt so much. I have wanted to cry when I didn't know why my baby was throwing up right after a feeding. But I have so many mama friends that I have been able to turn to for help and I thank all of you! And especially my own MOM! I love you!