Aug 22, 2011

So I shop at thirft stores.....

when i moved from Connecticut to rhode Island i decided i wanted to change up the look of my place. so i sold things and replaced them with more things. chris thinks we have too many things and we probably do, but i like my things. i wanted to make my place clutter free, so when the dean boy would go exploring, my things wouldn't be strung all over the house. i put tupperware in drawers and towels in another. he can totally destroy that if he wants! for now my apartment is a work in progress. chris says i have a never ending list of what i want to do. and he may be right...but i love it. it's fun and it's something i like to do. for now, now that i am pregnant, i get my sweet friend amy to do my dirty work, spray painting that is. i think she spray paints for me on a weekly basis. and i always tell her this is close to the last thing and then i find more things to re do, or purchase. poor amy. i am almost done being pregnant!! here are some pictures of what is done and what i still have to do. i want to repaint the table, another chair and a crate to name a few....... xoxo

Aug 20, 2011

11 months!...and a few pics of the place

seriously...11 months? I only have 11 weeks to go??!! crazy!
i love this little boy. he is my world and i wouldn't trade being his mom for anything.
he loves attention and gets it wherever we are. i can't believe he will be one in less than 4 weeks!
he is growing up too fast!

so i sold this beauty....and got this beaut. I am pretty excited about


Aug 10, 2011

I haven't blogged in awhile, so here is a post!

dean went to the doctor today. i was about two months late. Oops! he weighs 25lbs 8 oz he is 31.5 inches long he is such a happy baby. i am not joking, and i feel dumb for kinda bragging about it. but seriously EVERYWHERE i go, whether it's the plane, grocery store, (he loves to flirt with any girl that will look at him), the cashier asked if she could just keep him at her register all day so she could stay happy while she was at work. the mall, my ob gyn's office, his doctor's office. i will usually get comments like this..."oh aren't you the happiest baby ever", or "he is the happiest baby i have seen in a long time". "oh he is so smiley". "is that boy ever not smiling?" a restaurant owner even told me," if more babies came in and acted the way your baby did i would want to have a baby." i was beaming. but i do warn them, he does cry and he does have his moments of being UNhappy. he is a growing boy! he now claps waves bye-bye on cue. says "HI" has stood on his own twice. he says mama and dada and knows who we are. he has gotten picky with eating, the ped doc says that's what toddlers do. he rather have what mom and dad are having than baby food. i don't blame him. (i am not going to list everything, those are just the developments for this month)

On to my next topic.....we were able to fly home for a few weeks. (dean and I) we saw family and got to relax from our day to day routine. it was fun, but torture at the same time. i realize how much i miss out on living away from it all. but at the same living away????
since we have lived out of the state of Utah, and i don't know if it is just the east coast. but whenever i mention i am from Utah...i get "Oh then you must be Mormon" HA HA i just love it. we are not supposed to judge and i think sometimes us "Mormon's" get it the worst. i had someone ask..."is that why you are having your kids so close together, so you can have like 8?" UM YA ThAT's IT!! WOW!!! I know this is such a RANDOM post....however I just wanted to write down a couple things that have been happening in our not so exciting life! Thanks for reading! xoxo