Jul 30, 2009

So I make my own butter....

Yes it is true, I make my own butter. Thanks to my gal Ali who got the recipe from her Mother-in-law.

I use a stick of unsalted butter

1/4 cup Canola oil

1/4 cup of Olive oil

blend it together

It is cost effective, which I am all about since I am on a tight budget, {like really tight, but we love it now}.
And it tastes yummy too!

Jul 29, 2009

Jamie & Sadie come to play!

My cousin Jamie came to town.

We went to Cafe Rio, of course,

We had a sleep over, seriously,

We went to lunch,

We went shopping,
We laughed and stayed up til 3, no lie!

Miss you already!
{ Please forgive, I got my eyeliner tattooed this weekend so I just got this pic.}

Cabin Fever

My family decided to rent a cabin for the weekend. We had a blast! Lots a fun, food, laughing, and well more food, my MOM is an exceptional cook. We went to lake and went on a hike. Just the perfect quick getaway.

Jul 15, 2009

Magic Potion!

Ok ladies I have to first start by saying that I AM A PRODUCT JUNKIE! Well not really, I have my limits, however I have bought my fair share of products, some work and some don't do a dang thing.
Over the years some of my friends have admitted to me that I got them started on the path to obsessing about their skin! I know me? Can you believe it?? But alas it is true and now they are in esthetician school and I am not. URR! I wish!!
But seriously I love skin, I am obsessed with having "my" skin look good. I do get carried away sometimes and let the sun bet down on my fair skin, I do get break outs and then I freak out!! No seriously my HUB has a much better life when my face is clear. My make up goes on faster, I get to bed earlier, I don't cry to him every time I LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Poor HUB!
So the other day, well month, I was rummaging through a Magazine and I found MARIO BADESCU! I only had to read that LIV TYLER used it and her skin is amazing. Have you seen it lately? Right then and there I ordered a bottle. The product is called DRYING LOTION, and it has saved my life! It is truly amazing.
I ordered my second bottle already along with a bunch of other things, such as SEAWEED NIGHT CREAM, DRYING MASK, CHAMOMILE NIGHT CREAM, GLYCOLIC EYE CREAM, Um I will spare you all it's a long list.
So Ladies really you should check out the website, even if your skin is perfect and zit less {Um I hate you by the way} it's so fun to just look what he has to offer, and most of it is natural products, even better in my book!

Jul 10, 2009


Me: Honey we don't have any gas money in our GAS ENVELOPE and we have a week left!!!

Him: That's OK I will just ride everyday to work.....

And that's just what he does......

Jul 9, 2009

Lets just say I like to switch things up.....

I was tired of my Blonde.....

So I went to Brown.....
my MOM is the best and can do hair therefore it makes it easy to switch it up!

Jul 8, 2009

MS Ride and Victor, ID

Well despite what I have said in a previous post about having No time to do anything, we managed to sneak some weekend getaways in! We went up to Logan to do the MS Ride. It was a total blast. Chris rode 100 miles and I did the measly 40 miles. Hey I did it right??

For the 4Th, we went up to IDAHO. Victor IDAHO that is. It is gorgeous up there. We had so much fun visiting family, watching the hot air balloons take off, and eating yummy food. We drove to Jackson for a day and had a fun filled day of shopping and exploring the Square. I love it there in the summer!

Jul 6, 2009

I am so EXCITED....

These two girls come to town in one week! And I can't wait!!

Jul 1, 2009

I wish.......

I wish I could be doing more of this..........

Or I wish I could be here.......

Or I wish I could be kissing him.......

I wish I could be dominating the pavement.....

Or visiting her........

But as for now all I do is Work and School! I just hope these next four weeks fly by......I am getting worn out!

Have a Happy fourth EVERYONE!