Feb 27, 2008

start wearing purple

this is the first of many installments of fashion tips with the following disclaimer: we live in utah.

so, about purple:
...it's coming back (if was ever was in) in a big way. so just start wearing it. purple is the new brown, which was the new green, which was the new red which was the new black. in my opinion, of the eight standard colors: black, purple, red, brown, green, yellow, blue and white coupled with the recent interest in 80's style, you can't go wrong with any of these. however, there's is a catch. let me provide some background. you walk into the buckle (and you want to kill yourself) and what do you see? an array of t-shirts (mostly black) with large tattoo style designs. they cover the whole shirt, sometimes front and back and a lot of designs are off-center. look, if it's in the buckle, chances are it is quickly on it's way out the syle doors. it's like the difference between listenting to x96 and 97.1. the former plays it first and then a year later the song is popularized by the latter, corporate radio. the key to future fashion success: keep it simple, keep it solid. for an example of what i'm talking about see www.americanapparel.net

Feb 19, 2008

there's no beginning to this story

ahh! the first post. what to say? so many things. but what happens when the interweb gets all clogged up with this crap? is the world wide net machine infinite? does it go beyond the width of the world? if a forest tree falls to the ground and no one is around to hear it, does anyone care? these are questions that will stand the test of time and inquiring minds want to know.