Sep 27, 2011

Grandparents come and a party for Dean

we have had a busy week. it has been full of lots of fun! dean turned one, in laws came on Wednesday, day in Newport RI, planning for baby boys party, a 24 hr hospital stay, the actual party, grandparents leave, Sad...
thanks to everyone who made deans day special!
here is a picture reca
p. enjoy!

Sep 20, 2011

He is ONE!

I don't like writing much, and especially on blog posts. I just wanted to say Happy birthday to my little boy. It is a bitter sweet day for me. I have been a little emotional today. i have loved everyday i get to spend with him! i absolutely adore this bundle of joy. he is seriously so happy. which in turn makes me happy. He is my world. and i love that i am his mama. Love you dean boy! you have made me so happy and have taught me so much already. xoxo

Sep 14, 2011

Product Junkie???

if it goes on your face....i have got to have it, or i have probably tried it. lets just say i'm a little bit of an addict. i am a snob about my product or brand, though i have had to lower my standers while the hub is in grad school. but for reals.....creams, lotions, serums, masks, honey, yogurt...yes that is right some food is great for the face! I am currently in the market for something for crows feet (wrinkles around the eyes) and something for my forehead since i can't have my BOTOX yet!
I may need some rehab or something.....


Sep 11, 2011

who has time to blog anymore??

i think i blog for family purposes? living so far away is the easiest and quickest way to show what we have been up to. i also blog to keep some sort of journal. but i know my blog is lame-o! so here is some picture updates....projects i have finished, so much more to do, and of course my dean boy. he is 1 in 9 days!!! AHHHHHH! xoxo