Nov 21, 2010

Oh how sad!

the hub watched our babe last night.

this is what i found on our camera today....

so sad!

i love this little boy! he is what gets me through the day. i am missing my family and friends more these days. maybe because my hub is always gone studying {not complaining, just lonely)

or maybe because it's the holidays??

i am so grateful that i have this little boy in my life! i love him so much!! he brings me joy everyday.

happy sunday!


Nov 18, 2010

bath time!

I hope you all aren't getting sick of my posts about my favorite little person of all time! He is my world, so for now that is what I have to blog about!

I just love our bath time together! My Little babe loves the water! Last night he cried because I got him out and he was not able to enjoy it for as long as he usually does. ha ha

Nov 15, 2010

My babe is 2 months!

Dean Weston is 2 months today!

And he is sick.....poor guy.
He has a bad cough and won't
sleep soundly unless it's on me.

Which I don't mind too much.....
I love cuddling him.
Get better soon big guy!
we love having him as OUR
baby boy!!

{naked pictures from today....he is still so happy though he is sick}

Nov 7, 2010

my buddy and me....


I love being a MOM and

taking care of my precious

boy everyday!

I love absolutely love his SMILE!

Nov 4, 2010

Nov 2, 2010

sunday best.....

we went to church on Sunday
and little D did so good!
the handsome men in my life!