Nov 26, 2011

3 weeks already.......

I can't believe Marni is 3 WEEKS! so much has happened. I love having two kids to take care of! I love them so much! i honestly can't wait to have more kids. i am not saying everyday is a picnic, we have our good days and bad days. i put my little boy in time out....he is in a biting phase, that calls for time out in my book. baby girl likes her 3am feedings and dean is getting 5 teeth. however, i love everything that comes with motherhood, the good and the bad, and i don't like to complain about it. It's what i am on earth for. And i know i have my hands full!!! LOL we have had 3 visitors in 3 weeks and have loved spending every minute with them. the first week was grandma daniels, second week, my mom, and the third week my sister kara! While my mom was here we decorated my tree, got a new dresser for deans room,$40! also purchased a lamp $6, and cleaned my carpets! it really was so fun having them around! Now i will be on my own and i am ready to take it on! Thanks you guys, I love you so much! Thanksgiving was fabulous! thanks to my friend Amy for hosting it at her apartment! All the food was delicious! it has been hard being away for the holidays, but i think it will be also fun to just focus on our growing family. kids definitely make the holidays more exciting...well for me at least. have a great weekend! we will!! xoxo

Nov 11, 2011

Dean b and Marni Lou

My dean b and Marni Lou are 13 1/2 months apart. and so far....into it a hasn't been too bad. My recovery was so much faster....though I still have 10 LBS to loose....UGH!....sleeping, feeding, and healing....WAY better! I am hoping the 3rd will be EVEN faster to recover from...but we'll see. And maybe a bigger gap...lets say 16 months?? LOL. It has been nice to have my MIL here for the week. Dean just loves her around. Thanks Grandma Daniels!! We will miss you!
Marni is still in her sleeping phase though she has been much more awake and alert the last couple days. She is already over her birth weight. She eats very well and loves to snuggle. I love this since my 28 pounder doesn't love it as much as he used too. Dean is going to be such a sweet big brother. he gets so excited to see her in the morning and loves to give her kisses...on the top of her head. He has been a bit more tempermental....though he is getting all of his molars. Poor thing, bet that doesn't feel good. i love these two and am excited to watch them grow together. I think i have found my calling. I love being a mom!