Mar 30, 2010

homemade laundry soap....

so i did it! i made laundry soap. i haven't used it, however i am trying to dirty some clothes so i can.

here is what you need if you would like to try it. it was pretty simple. i did have Chris help me so if you don't have a helper i would get everything ready before you start.

-1 bar of soap. i used Irish spring i love the smell and it was on sale. {3.99 for 8 bars}

-1 box of washing soda {it's in the laundry aisle of your grocery store. 2.99 for a box and it makes six batches of laundry soap!}

-1 box of borax {it's not necessary, however it gives the soap an extra kick for your clothes. one box of this stuff makes more than enough batches. 3.99 a box}

-a 5 gallon bucket. {i got mine at Lowe's, for 2.60}

-3 gallons of hot tap water

-a big spoon

-a measuring cup

- a cheese grater

first take a big pot and measure 4 cups of water. put pot on the stove bring water to a boil. while the water is getting ready to boil, start grating your soap. {whatever flavor you like} stir the soap til its dissolved.

then in your 5 gallon bucket fill with 11 liters {3 gallon milk jugs} of hot tap water. {i would try to do this first or while the soap is dissolving, if you don't have a helper}. then stir in your soapy mixture. add one cup of washing soda, keep stirring, about two minutes. then add your borax. stir for about two more minutes. then let the mixture sit over night to cool.

in the morning it should be a mixture of slime.

1 cup of this is all you need for 1 load of laundry. makes 48 loads

it's around 3 cents a gallon.

super sweet!

Mar 29, 2010

things i love....

today i was looking around my home thinking....i am so blessed and grateful for the things heavenly father has blessed me with. i decided to take a few pics.

i also made homemade wheat bread and strawberry jam. my next project is laundry soap! this is too much fun.

Mar 28, 2010

did i ever tell you....

about the time we were driving across the u.s. and a potato hit my car? well my mom thought it was a potato. OK funny..... but semi sad story! so my mom and i were passing the border from Nebraska to Iowa, i was talking on the phone with Chris, and all the sudden we heard this loud bang. my mom said she thought she saw a potato or something hit the roof of my car! i started laughing cause that would be something my mom would say....a potato hit my car! anyway i continued talking to Chris and i started hearing popping noises. i hung up with Chris and started looking around side back window was shattered.
so we duck taped it.......said a prayer......and there we went.
its still duck taped to this day. ha ha ha we laugh about it now.

Mar 24, 2010

Nixon's shower!

My mom sent me these photos last night and i died! everything looked so good. i wish i could have been there to sample all the goods. this is for my new nephew, evan and tayli's little boy. she is due in like 4 weeks! doesn't she look so good!! miss you all and mom, you rock!!!

Mar 23, 2010

eat your heart out......

i have been trying out my skills since i have been on my own, with chris at work and me home all day. i am getting pretty excited about my dinners. i haven't taken a pic of all but i am going to start to document my success. or what chris calls success. i found a couple recipes online and then ones that i have had. i have to do all this on a budget. so how it usually goes is....all my meals the 1st and 3rd week are fabulous and the 2nd and 4th are just ok. we do our budget bi weekly so you can see where i run into problems. anywho...i am loving the food and so is the babe i think. i am finally starting to feel better! yeah for the second trimester!

Mar 22, 2010

i am so excited i am having a boy....

i couldn't resist! i was at target today spending our hard earned money, and i came across some boy stuff....

i love it all. its so fun to shop for our little boy on the way! we decided on two names so far. {during sacrament meeting, oops!}

ethan scott or dean weston. however we both love owen too!! so we shall see. we still have a bit more to go....

Mar 19, 2010

we are excited to announce...

that we are pregnant! i went to meet my new doc today. he is cool. i like him. he did an ultra sound and said all looked great. i am so relieved! i have been really nervous since my last pregnancy. anyway let me get on with it..... we are having a boy!!! and he is coming in september. we can't wait. we are trying to decide on a name. ha! ethan or dean?? what do you guys think?

Mar 18, 2010

a look back, about 5 years.....

i was going through some old photo' s from 5 yrs ago and i came across these. it made me miss them, and everyone else that i never see any more!
love all ya'll!

i think this is going to be a weekly thing....

it's so yummy!

Mar 15, 2010

my typical day.....

i wake up
make my bed
eat my breakfast
clean up my house from the night before, my husband gets messy
i do my yoga
i eat a snack
then i either figure out what to make for dinner, get all my ingredients ready
i read my scriptures
do the laundry if i have any
monday's i prepare f.h.e.
i eat lunch
i browse the Internet, not for too long...i hate wasting my days
then i either go out and run some errands or explore connecticut
after that i make dinner and wait for my honey to get home.....

this week i am making....bread, ritz cracker chicken, hawaiian haystacks, chicken alfredo, sweet potato fries, and potato soup with grilled cheese. hope it all tastes good!!

Mar 12, 2010

yoga and a honey mask....

every morning for the last week i have been doing yoga. while doing my moves, i have a honey mask on. {or a clay mask, my skin can't decide whether to break out or be really dry!} i wish i could take a pic of myself. doing my yoga moves while honey drips down my face. ha ha ha it makes me giggle....

Mar 11, 2010

so far this week....

i have made:
won ton chicken salad
meat loaf
barbecue chicken and zucchini
we went to Alice and Wonderland
so we had popcorn and pretzels
and the rest of the week i don't know.......
tacos, Ritz cracker chicken

Oh and we can't forget the chocolate cookies!!

Mar 10, 2010

I got this...

so i can make this......I am so happy!!!

Mar 8, 2010

my thoughts...

its a weird feeling being on your own. with no friends and no family around you. i had to say goodbye to my mom yesterday. it brings tears to my eyes as i think about it. i know i will see her in 6 months but its seems like so far away. i have a lot of time to think now. with no job and no one around. chris goes to work in the morning and i see him at night. i am the homemaker now. something i am excited to be. i am learning how to make bread and sew. i can't wait to be a mom. i have been so sick, hope that's a good thing. i know things happen for a reason. i really liked my new ward. i think i am in the mission field, well that's what people say. it was so good to see my sister. i hadn't seen her for a year. i miss many people. i am so glad i have a best friend who understands me. and i love him very very much.

Mar 6, 2010


we made it. after 4 days of travel and two days of unloading our POD, we are now almost settled and are enjoying the east coast!