Sep 27, 2009

We made it back....

We all had such a fabulous time! for sure chris and i did. my friend had a visit from an unexpected guest at the end. poor meg, it was no fun. Chris and i had a blast, i will let the photo's do all the talking. i had so many so i will just add that we ate 3 meals a day, rare for me, bathed in the sun both on the boat and on the beach. we all got chemical burns on our faces, Mexican war paint! we all got sun burns and made great memories! love you friends! enjoy the pic's! xo

Sep 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Marissa, Jamie and Aaron! Love you guys! Can't wait to see you Jamie! Hope you all have a fantastic birthday!

Pic's to come from the cruise! we had so much fun!!! I want to be on the beach again! Have a fabulous Saturday! xoxo

Sep 12, 2009

if your bored....

if your bored you can read what i did today. :)
this morning i hit a bird. i was so tired from my night shift i didn't even see it in the road. i only heard the thump and watched the feathers whooshing out from under my car. poor little bird, so sad!

I'm sitting at a light, trying to go to the gym,the light turns green, and The car in front of me just sits there. ugh! {i try really hard to be on the ball about this} i give him a little honk to get him to look up at the light and you know what he does??? he throws his hands in the air and flips me off! ok really? thats the reaction i get? now if i was laying on the horn thats one thing, but i just gave him a little honk! excuse me, but i have places to be too. ha ha i eventually made it through the light.

i am at Nordstom today and i have to stop at the MAC counter {its a flaw i know} but instead of buying ANOTHER eye shadow that i won't ever wear. i turned to leave and the kiehl's counter caught my eye. so instead of an eye shadow i purchased an acne product. another flaw. mario is still my most fav, however it is hard to travel with. urr! i can't wait to use this little gem. not that i love zits or anything, {i hate them!} i just like trying new skin products. its a passion of mine, ask anyone that knows me. the best part is, i chatted it up with the sales associate and he gave me a sample of one of their masks!!! he said its mud from the amazon, not sure if that is 100% true, however i love free samples! kiehl's is all natural.

got a winter coat for $30 and i absolutely love it! love nordstom sales!

my love and i got pedi's today! love my pink toes with a white flower.

hope all of you have a wonderful week, i know i will.....xoxo

Sep 10, 2009


evan and tayli are having a baby! i just wanted to say congratulations. love you guys

happy birthday!

happy birthday to amber and kara! kara turned 26 on the 4 and ambers birthday is today. {i won't reveal her age, i didn't get permission.} love you two so much! xoxo

Sep 7, 2009


i have these quotes taped on my bathroom mirror. i love them. i read them everyday. they make me happy. she is so inspiring.
happy labor day!

Sep 5, 2009

for one week...

for one week..... my trials will not be weighing on my mind. the people i work with will be covering my shifts this time. my school work will be put on hold. i will be spending much quality time with the man i love. i will be sleeping at night.

for one week my worries of zits and fried hair will go away. my doc's goal of me gaining 5 lbs will be completed. i will have a permanent smile on my face.

for one week i will be able to rekindle a friendship that means the world to me.

for one week my energy will be focused on all the positive things of life. i won't be worrying about our economy, budgets, cleaning and cooking.

for one week i will be on a boat. i will be in my swim suit. my friends and i will be laying by the pool. i will be playing on the beach and in the ocean. i will be soaking up the sun.

for one week my life will be really simple. and i am so grateful for the opportunity to take this much needed break from life! love you all.i am so blessed to have all you great women in my life.


Sep 3, 2009


This show has been occupying my time while at work. I love my job, I sit and watch movies {when its not busy} and draw blood.I can't complain. I love it! It's a great job.
I may be too old for this show, but I don't care. It reels me in. I like smut! ha ha I am such a sucker for these kind of shows!I know its bad. I am thinking of buying the O.C. and I can't wait for the Hills to start!

Sep 1, 2009

Olay wrinkle repair

I wish I could be ANDY in the movie, How to Lose guy in 10 Days. You know the one, she works at Vogue and gets to be the "how to girl". I could be the, "how to use this product....girl." Ha ha
Anyway, I just love this product. It is wonderful! I read many reviews about this product before I purchased it and still could not bring myself to buy it. "They" claim it is better than the 300 dollar cream.
Well just my luck, I got a coupon in mail for $7 off and thought why not give it a try. I am totally going through with drawls without my Botox! I'm just kidding, but really Botox is an amazing thing! It worked wonders on my forehead!!
So back to the wrinkle treatment. I have tried it for 17 days now and have already seen my forehead lines fade away. Seriously!! The company states that if your not satisfied after 28 days, you get your money back. I am for sure not wanting my money back, it has done wonders for my wrinkles! {those of you who don't have a problem with wrinkles disregard this post, those that do, I feel pain. Try it you will love it!} xoxo

We have a choice

I am sitting at work, for the 5Th night in a row, thinking about life, yet again. Man, I have just been soul searching lately, bare with me. ;)
I have been reading many blogs lately, many that speak of truth. They speak on all sorts of topics. Some I can relate to, some I can't. However it gets me thinking. My post yesterday got more of a response than when I just throw a bunch of pictures up and say, "See, this is what we have been up to!" I loved it. All of you are AMAZING women. I look up to all of you. You bring so much to my life in so many ways. It is TRUE, the simplest, "Hey I'm thinking of you today" means the world.
I have so much to be grateful for. My Savior has blessed mine and Chris's life in so many ways. I was reading, my dear friends blog, Sheena, thank you. Her words were so wonderful. It was what my soul needed at that moment of time.
We all experience hard times, and it is our choice how we react to those hard times. We choose our path. We choose our happiness. We choose our day. That is what Heavenly Father gave us, isn't it cool? We choose how to respond to every curve ball life throws us. We may sometimes feel that the "curve balls" never end. But they will and they do. I know they do. I strive everyday to think about the choices I make. I choose to work, I chose to love, to sleep, to pick that zit, and then I chose to get mad at myself for picking! I choose my reaction to a comment, I choose to be happy. Nobody can make our choices, we make them. And I LOVE that we can. I know what your thinking, you just barely realized this??? Yes and I am glad it is now, better than later, Right?
In my life at this moment I am having the time of my life, I love life! And Yes I think about things, things that aren't according to MY plan. I am a structured person and I love my plans, they may not work out like I want them to, yet I choose to push forward and look past the things that don't fall into place. I am grateful for my curve balls, they make me stronger. My character grows and I grow within myself. I can now reflect on the challenges I have faced and thank my Heavenly Father for them.