Jun 29, 2009

Today I.....

I am a list maker, well Chris is a bigger list maker, so on my list of things to do today was

-dentist appointment

-math class 2 hrs

-target for a butter dish, bought a shirt and skirt instead

-drop my netflix at the post office

-go to the bank

-run 4 miles

-do a load of laundry

-make dinner

-get my passport pic taken

-work for 12 hrs

Wow I am glad This day is over, we leave for Victor Idaho this weekend! I will post pic's of the MS Ride and Idaho next week! Have a great week!!

Jun 20, 2009

This is how we do.....

We have been crazy busy! Not that all of you haven't.....it just seems that the Summers in Utah come alive in our family. I love it, I look forward to it!

First off I have to say how proud I am of my Man. He graduated with his BNS in May and is now applying to Graduate school.

We took a trip to AZ to check out the school and visit family. Well needless to say I have NO complaints and as long as Chris can bike he is in. We loved the weather. It was perfect when we went, it was a nice break from this weather we are having. We had an amazing time, visiting family, shopping, floating down the Salt river and I went on a killer hike, I was sore for days! {Love you Al!}

In May we took a trip down to St. George for our Hallows family reunion, it was so fun! We had such a good time. Thanks Blake and Linda for the house!

Our summer is packed with more adventures! {MS Ride, 4Th of July in Idaho, Jamie comes to visit, and of course our Cruise!! I am still trying to find a way to fit Cali in there!}

Hope you enjoy your summer!!

Jun 8, 2009


This guy is going to Australia! He doesn't leave until October, so We get to have him around for a bit longer. We are all so proud of him. We love you Eston!

Purple hoodies, Anyone?

So I guess it's not an actual club. HA HA

However when Tay and I show up to my Mom's house with the same hoodie on we get creative....

So the boys put on their purple hoodies and had some fun.....

We do what we can to entertain ourselves.

Jun 7, 2009


So people have been asking if we {Chris and I} have a blog......well we do! And I {Kristin} am going to start blogging again. About what I don't know, we are so dang boring that I am sure none of you really care. However for those of you who do, I will be posting some random pic's of our adventures and updating you on our oh so dull lives! I don't doubt that we will have some exciting news along the way, but for now we are pretty boring. HA
Many of our friends and family have been moving away, so this is for all of those who love us and want an update. We are going to AZ this week so I will be posting pic's from that trip along with other random acts we have been up to. Love you all xoxo