Feb 28, 2013

townhomes are way better than apartments....

i am loving not living in an apartment. with kids its a big deal. no one pounding on the ceiling or floor telling you your kids are having to much fun playing. i love having 3 levels. the kids upstairs and our room on the main floor. we don't have to tip toe around after the kids go to bed. and we can make popcorn in the kitchen cause the kids room is not sharing the kitchen wall anymore. i love having to park in a garage and not having to scrape ice and snow from our windows. and most of all i love being able to decorate. i change where i put things weekly. always trying to update my look. i think that is why i don't mind moving so much...i love to redecorate and reuse what i have. spray paint is my best friend and as soon as we buy a home...like in for-never... paint will be my walls best friend. 

here are some pics of the place...it is nothing great...but i am liking it...for now. xo

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Reid, Megan, Jackson and Aiva said...

Looking good girl! Some day I will have a place worth decorating :)