Apr 30, 2013


i told myself i would try and post at least once a month. um ya april is over and may begins tomorrow. better late than never. 
i get on these kicks...these homemade kicks. i have done it our whole 8 years of marriage. i feel

that i am a hippie at heart, but i love things too much. oh and skincare products ha ha. 
anyway i am no longer able to have kids so i can stick to my normal diet and my high energy self. as i function on 5-6 hours of sleep. it is hereditary. my dad is a rockstar, sleeps 5 hrs a night and works 16+ hr days. i am glad i got my good work ethic from him. so i am back to my old self, blake is now going on 5 months and sleeping almost through the night. i adore him and glad he is mine to raise. i feel that i am ready to get back into the whole "homemade" thing. i loved it before kids...in between kids....and kinda while pregnant but not so much. so what i have learned about homemade products is that i love homemade bread. and butter and peanut butter and jam. anything in the kitchen homemade i will try to conquer. as for "going green" i don't love homemade laundry soap or fabric softener. i do love cloth towel (un-paper towels) and cloth napkins. i feel that whatever can save me a penny and that i don't want to hate while doing it works for me and our little family. 
i have stopped buying waffles, fruit snacks and mostly all the snack foods i would buy for the babies. i am  trying to wean them from milk and juice. and am introducing more veggies....i like to sneak them in their morning smoothies. i am also not buying those veggie/fruit pouches anymore and making my own. i love not spending the money on that! 
on a different note...i love that is is finally thawing here. the weather is lovely today. i have my windows open as the breeze blows through the house. the kids get to run outside and kick the ball and explore the nature and surroundings of where we will be living for awhile. 
i have to add....i love being a mom. i love being a wife. and i love being a homemaker. its not always red roses around here. there are tears everyday. but i would.not.trade.it.for.anything! 
thanks for reading! 

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