Aug 30, 2012

quick update

i am pretty much excited for the next five months! lots of events will be happening and i get so giddy thinking about all the fun our family will be experiencing! 
dean turns 2 on September 20th. he is such a sweetest brother and loves his sister so much. they are getting along so much better. he is very protective of her and gets worried when she tries to stand. ha ha

he is very active and loves the outdoors. he doesn't like much toys. he is more into books, puzzles, flash cards, Lego's, blocks and his peg set. he is speaking so much more now, which is helping with me being less flustered of what he wants. he knows his alphabet and can pick out the letters and say them. counts to 10 and we are working on our colors and shapes. he surprises me on how much he knows. he is very observant and is very helpful. he doesn't like messes and if he spills something he will get a towel and wipe it up. ha he loves to help vacuum also. he loves his bath time with his sister. 
on October 26 Chris graduates with his masters of biological studies (i think) and will be a CRNA! he takes his oral boards September 13 and then from there he will study for his national boards. i am loving that in 2 short months he will be done with school and we will hopefully be getting a paycheck! i am so proud of all he does and sacrifices for our family and am so blessed heavenly father led him into my life. i am so happy and grateful everyday he chose me to be his wife. 
so then we have the moving out, then Halloween and then....
My baby turns one! Marni is the sweetest thing ever! seriously every where we go people comment on how happy she is. she lights up there day as she smiles and giggles at them. she is perfect in public! she started crawling at 7 1/2 months and is starting to attempt walking (which i think she would if dean wouldn't try and knock her down haha). she is much more vocal than dean ever was at this age. i am told its cause she is a girl? she waves bye bye and says mama when she is crying. she is in love with her dad and won't stop giggling when he is around. i seriously love having her in our family and am blessed i get to be her mom. 
so then there is thanksgiving, Chris's birthday, hopefully we have moved in somewhere and found a job. we have Christmas and new years....then my precious baby boy should arrive on January 4th!! I can't wait to meet this precious babe. 
i love my children so much and am so thankful to my heavenly father daily that i am able to be there mama.


Lindsey Walker said...

Yeah! You have so many fun things coming up. I can't believe Chris is almost done, Lucky! Your kids are beautiful. Miss you.

Mike and Jen said...

welcome back to the blog. I CANNOT wait to find out where you are moving!

ps after baby is born...then its your birthday!

Clark and Kristen Daniels said...

Exciting things are happening!!!! I am a little biased, but I hope he gets a job somewhere out in this part of the United States. I miss our laughs together. Love and miss you guys!